Dog Grooming Table Rental For Qualified Experienced Groomers

Renting a table at ‘Cherished Pets’:

Premises address: 405 Charminster Rd, Bournemouth BH89QT

We are always happy to hear from qualified and experienced groomers who love dogs. You should also have a passion for extremely high-quality grooming.

We have amazing groomers here at Cherished Pets who all have one thing in common, we are mad about dogs. Our priority is to ensure that every dog enjoys their visit and looks forward to their next appointment.

We have a lot of fun as well as working hard to uphold the high standards of grooming expected by clients.

If you are interested in operating your business in our salon: 

Interested Dog Groomers should email with their experience, qualifications, and ideal start date. We will review your email once it has been received to make sure it is appropriate for both parties. 

You should be aware that we are not employing groomers, and you will not work as a contractor on our behalf, nor will we provide dogs for your business or grooming training (although I may refer clients directly to you). It is ESSENTIAL that you have completed professional grooming training, or that you have operated a grooming business full time for at least one year.

Your business will be independent of ours in every sense and will not be affiliated with us in any way other than that you are renting our facilities. Our non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement must be signed when you first visit before you can observe or operate on our premises. 

You must agree to abide by the rules, consents, and restrictions our business operates under. No open advertising of your business is allowed on our premises. Selling your own products is not allowed.

Our reputation will be safeguarded by a pre-selection process so that we can provide the most appropriate information and support to help you grow and become as successful as we are.


  1. If you wish to sign a contract for 1-2 days a week, this will cost you £50 per day. Your choice of the two days must not include a Sunday. This is due to our hours of operation.
  2. Contracts for 3-4 days a week will be charged at £45 per day. The days can be chosen by you, but they cannot include a Sunday as mentioned already.
  3. A contract for 5 days a week will cost £40 per day. These days can also be chosen by you, however Sunday must not be included.

Before you begin renting a table from our salon, you must decide which option you want, 1, 2, or 3. A £200 deposit plus one month’s rent will be due up front.


Each contract will last six months, and either party will have to give a month’s notice before cancelling. If you wish to continue renting a table at our salon, we can agree on a new contract after the 5 month period of your current one. 


You will be given a set of keys to the salon and an alarm remote control. You will agree to only use the salon between our business opening times, and for the number of days you are contracted. 


Grooming table, straps, restraints, and stand dryer, Shampoo, and use of bathing and drying facilities, including towels and blaster. The cost of all power, heating, light, water, and waste is included. The use of toilets and kitchen facilities is also included. (You must provide your own food and drinks). 

You will need the following:

Nail safe, blade cleaning fluid, clipper oil, etc.

You must provide your own personal liability insurance, personal protective equipment (overalls, ear/eye protection), and grooming tools – clippers, blades, scissors, brushes, combs, etc. Obviously, your customer’s dogs too.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂